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Newsletter Issue 6 No 2,  September 1997
Hydro Dams –
Outdated Technology?

Declaration of Curitiba

Is Electricity Radioactive?

Home Scheme

Principles for
Sustainable Building

Environmental Policy

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A few words from the President…

Hi everybody! Welcome again to another issue of ATLA NEWS. Since our last issue there have been several changes within ATLA following the AGM:

A new President was elected. Yes, I am ATLA’s new President. My name is Clyde Lambourn (I operated the Energy Display Trailer last year) and I replace Alastair Nicholson, who has done an excellent job holding ATLA together over the last three years but now has decide to move on. Someone made a quip about a new broom sweeping clean, and I don’t blame Alastair if he feels a bit worn out after three years of sweeping. But a broom is only as good as its bristles and I regard each member of ATLA as a bristle, which means a commitment from each of us to be involved. More of this later.

We also have a new committee:

Secretary: Tony Dean (3698369) is our new secretary, who took over from Seelan. Thank you, Seelan, for your hard work setting up the ATLA database, organising the Energy Display Trailer visits to schools, and administering our office (while we had one). Tony is an active committee member.

Treasurer: John van Nortwick (4796651) comes from Dallas, Texas, but gained experience in the Alternative Energy field in Australia before settling with his partner, Jill, and their two daughters, in Wellington. John takes over from Neil Pryor, who organised our finances over the last three years or so. Thanks, Neil for your efforts sorting out the tax/GST, paying our bills, handling subs and so on all this time.

Committee members:

Toni Atkinson (2357689,, Dave Prout (4726087), John le Harivel (04 298 1962), Jackie Burton (5637992), Alan Daniell (4772453) and Bruce Gillanders (5282892) are a group of hard working individuals. They have a wide range of skills and interests, which, combined with a desire to work to protect our environment and live healthily, will be effective in furthering ATLA’s, and that means our, interests.

Now, back to the bristles on the new broom: this is where the membership, that is you lot out there who have indicated your interest and support for ATLA by paying your subs, come in. We know from past questionnaires that our members have a wide range of useful skills that they would just love to share with ATLA. To enable us to carry on our work we need those skills and from time to time will need volunteers. If you can in any way help out we would love to hear from you. Just call the ATLA answerphone on 3828343, or for a more personal touch, me on 3850853 (I’ll be away from 1st Sept. to the end of Oct.) or any other committee member. We need your energy, ideas, skills, and encouragement. We especially need your support at monthly talks, which are excellent and represent hard work by the presenters, but have been poorly attended lately. Remember, you only get out of something what you put in, and if ATLA isn’t satisfying you, then perhaps you need to get in there and sort that out. We need feedback!

Next new item: For those who don’t already know, ATLA is on the Internet. Our website address is: so look us up! We are also getting an e-mail address – we’ll keep you informed.

Each month Toni and John v. N. compile ATLA notes with a synopsis of our latest committee meeting, and times and venues for upcoming meetings etc. To help save time and cost please send them your e-mail address. Other members will get theirs via post.

We recently attended a seminar by EBANZ (the Earth Building Assn of NZ), which was excellent. Apart from a wonderful slide show on earth building and straw-bale houses, we listened to a speaker from the Building Standards Authority. She was very enlightening on standards, their criteria and necessity, especially when building non-standard dwellings. We hope to get her for a future talk. Most importantly, we were able to give ATLA a plug. This has resulted in several new members, and we’ve been able to meet requests from people needing information on RAPS expertise and hardware. We aim to compile a directory of experts and suppliers. We’ll need assistance!

Finally, I would like to give a special welcome to Ruth Denniston (4773131), who has generously offered her time and skills to lay out our newsletter. Thank you, Ruth. I really appreciate your offer and hope you get heaps out of working with us!

Well, I’ve got to go now and sort out work on our Energy Display Trailer. I really hope we hear from you soon.