Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

Welcome to Chaanz.
The Chaanz charitable trust seeks ways to make housing more affordable for all.   We think this can best be done by creating independent & sustainable community-owned housing that will serve both rural & urban housing needs.

The decline in NZ's social housing stock
Social housing, the strategic stock in New Zealand housing, continues to decline. Home-ownership rates & occupancy-per-dwelling rates are also declining.  Lower socio-economic decile families, are excluded from the home-ownership market.   A shift towards investor-ownership of the housing stock - accelerated by government supported leasing policies, inceases the trend toward corporate-ownership & speculative investment in the strategic housing stock.   The rural & urban built environment continues to deteriorate. The numbers of illegal & sub-standard houses grows faster than the efforts to remedy the situation.   A significant proportion of New Zealand's future human capital - its children - are at risk from the effects of decaying sub-standard housing.   Decades of failure to deal with the situation, shows an inability of the public & private sectors to come to grips with the problem.  There is no realistic time-line or practical creative solution in place to address these problems.

Towards more affordable housing for all!
Chaanz wants to help to reverse these trends, by seeking a cost-rental & neutral tenure approach - an approach that applies industrial-production techniques to build high-amenity, good quality, affordable housing.

We in Chaanz believe the best way to build a robust, sustainable, wealth-producing, cohesive society,
is through partnerships at all levels between civil society agencies & the government,
to create more affordable housing and new work opportunities.

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