The Coalition of Residents Associations, CORA has been established to fight the web of overhead cables that has engulfing Wellington. In particular we are targeting the cables of Saturn Communications Ltd and Telecom New Zealand Ltd

Telecom's cables were erected more than two years ago and have never been used. Saturn has erected a cable network that uses bundles of cables, some of which are hawsers as thick as a man's forearm, comprising up to ten cables

This web site will record the efforts CORA is making to rid our city of this blight on our enviornment. Our long term goal is to see all overhead cables removed and placed underground. Our short term aim is to ameliorate the situation by having those cables put underground that destroy people's view or our beautiful city.


Our member associations come from most of the older areas of the city. The more recent suburbs have been established without overhead powe reticulation and so they have not been blighted withe the cables. For details of our member associations click here.


We make no apologies for seeking your financial assistance to help us fight this battle. Residents associations are voluntary organisations that have minimal funds to do their normal work. Fighting the spread of overhead cables is yet another task and when we have to use lawyers and go to court we need some extra help. If you can help in this way you can send your donatiuon to the address below or you can send it directly to our bank account at the Bank of New Zealand, 125-129 Riddiford Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

The account number is in the name of the Coalition of Residents Associations and the account number is 576-0299447-00.



President John Shrapnell

Coaltion of Residents Associations

27 Hanover Street, Wadestown, Wellington, New Zealand

Phone/Fax +64-4-473-7128,


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