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This is a rural lot development Eco-Village project west of Kaiwaka, Northland, and they have land by the sea and are looking to sell a few more lots. See more about them on

A rural lot development Eco-Village project on the south coast of Waiheke, Auckland Region. They have a large site near the sea and are looking for a couple more members. See their website at

Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood
This is a cohousing project with an environmental focus and building 32 rammed earth townhouses in urban Waitakere City. They have an orchard site on Swanson Rd, with some houses complete and others still for sale. For more details go visit their website

Kohatu Toa Eco-Village
Kohatu Toa Eco-village is situated approximately one and a half hours drive from Auckland, just north of Kaiwaka off State Highway 1. It is nestled in a peaceful valley and includes 90 acres of common land with bush, spring-fed stream, waterfall and pasture. The community here is dedicated to: Living simply, peacefully and co-operatively. Protecting and enhancing our environment. Developing a self reliant, sustainable economy. There are 6 house sites within the eco-village and a seventh site which is Koanga Gardens. The community currently consists of 16 people including 4 children aged between 9 and 13. If you require further information please e-mail and they have some pages at

Otanui Farm Village
Hawkes Bay project under development. Some lots still for sale.

Anahata Community
A new intentional community at the northern boundary of metropolitan Auckland (on the former 'Centrepoint' site) has been started for people who want to learn to "live in harmony with one another and with the natural environment in a way that is sustainable for present and future generations". They have a website .

Silkwood Park
Silkwood Park is an operating eco village and centre for alternative healing and the arts situated in Nelson on the Tasman Bay coastline. We have a website at . For more information on Silkwood Park you can also write to: Jane Ensor Silkwood Park Westdale Rd RD1 Richmond Nelson New Zealand Ph +64 3 5442730 Fax +64 3 5402273 .Email

Proutist Eco-Village/ Community
A community of Proutists is being established on the outskirts of Nelson. The charitable trust purchasing the property needs loan finance to meet the purchase price, and so are looking for financial assistance. Contact

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has"
--Margaret Mead

"Cohousing, building a better society, one neighbourhood at a time."

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