Neighbourhood Biology is a uniquely New Zealand way of doing things. It began with the shellfish monitoring project at Cheltenham Beach, Auckland. This project is now in its seventh year and well known for its community involvement in scientific monitoring and its use of rahui (harvesting ban) as a conservation tool.

The latest in a string of projects to date is in Blueskin Bay, just north of Dunedin, where locals and specialists are embarking upon a suite of monitoring and restoration work. An important facet of this work is use of oral histories to develop an understanding of the area over time. This is a vital source of knowledge of the Blueskin Bay ecology over time as there are no long term scientific studies to refer to.


What is happening here in Aotearoa is just a beginning. Already overseas there are a wide variety of programmes and projects, where locals and specialists are coming together about local ecology.

To find out more about the scene in the South Pacific

see Tellus

New Developments

Building a national team

The Neighbourhood Biology team is expanding. We would like to build a team based in Auckland which is concerned with organization on a national scale.

Our aims as a national group are straighforward -- to promote interest in local ecology and to assist action at local level concerning the conservation, restoration and enhancement of local ecology.

Our objectives are four:
1) to raise discussion
2) to innovate in setting standards in local efforts
3) to assist in clarifying local aims, objectives and targets
4) to include everyone

We have a number of programmes and projects in the works to meet our aims. You are likely to have some great ideas of your own. If you have interest and skills to bring to this enterprise, we would like to hear from you. Residency in Auckland region is desirable, but not necessary.

Please contact Mary Gardner

Getting a New Zealand team to Canadian Conference on Community based Initiatives in Aug 98

We at NBio believe a team of community based New Zealand workers should be at this conference. Click Here to find out more,

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