The America's Cup Race in Auckland: planning now to cope with marine litter and waste.
City: Auckland Regional council: Auckland

Amidst all the hype of yacht racing, an important topic often overlooked is the rubbish produced by both sailors and spectators in these big events. This often becomes marine pollution.  To understand just how this happens is a current project of  Island Care NZ. This  voluntary non-profit organisation has run action research programmes about our coastal pollution for nine years now. Their aim is to remove marine debris at source.

According to founder Gael Arnold, the latest research conducted by  the trust was with the fleet of the Whitbread Round The World yacht race during their recent stopover in Auckland.  The report of this collaboration is  now being completed. The recommendations from this report will be  important for Auckland as the host of  the America's Cup Race in the year 2000.

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