Neighbourhood Biology

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"On line"

Through APC Converge, New Zealand's electronic communication innovation for the public good.

APC Converge is part of a team with Association of Non Governmental Agencies of Aotearoa (ANGOA), Environmental and Conservation Organisations (ECO) and Council for International Development (CID).

APC stands for Association for Progressive Communications, an international NGO networking body with links to the United Nations.

Proudly Supported by APC Converge APC Converge assists NGOs, community and environmental groups in making a presence on the Internet by creating and maintaining Web sites and developing other electronic services. APC sees inhabiting cyberspace as a vital part of communication in the 21st century.

"In the field"

Right now, there are a number of places throughout the country where locals are making a start, struggling with minimal funding from various sources and lack of public awareness of their work.

There are also other places where locals are grappling with a variety of issues, trying to make some sense of it all and take some positive action.

We can help locals with the organisation of a national network. This will help with communications and publicity. We are also building a team of specialists that can provide practical assistance and advice throughout the country.

One of our aims is to help locals set up for their own places an initial Neighbourhood Biology team -- a science worker and a community facilitator. We believe it is important to create and support meaningful work in the places we live.

Overseas reports of similar types of efforts show that they get positive ecological actions underway. They also get money moving in an area, providing genuine, meaningful employment.

Already, we see that our approach here in Aotearoa shows similar successes. This can be vitally important for places -- their plants, animals AND people.


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