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'One People- One Soul'

"Kasihi tjinta dari Sobat Papua Barat- Satu bangsa satu djiwa."

This page exists as a forum to promote the fight for self determination and independence for all West Papuan peoples. It seeks to:

1. Generate a community of pro-active world wide dialogue and ideas to assist and support the people's of West Papua and the OPM in achieving their independence from Indonesian domination.

2. Educate and inform as to Why, How and What has happened, and is still happening in West Papua; and how you can help to end these injustices.

3. Promote the distribution of information and conduct a forum whereby the collective voice of all those concerned for a free and independent West Papua can and will be expressed and exchanged without fear of reprisal, censorship, or interference from authorities.

4. Generate a larger sympathetic audience to this most important cause. We hope you will discover for yourself the tyranny of injustices that the people of West Papua have experienced and the global effort to keep our struggle, nation and peoples unrecognised.

Please help us and thank you for your interest.
Haraplah tolong kami. Terima kasih atas perhatianmu.

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