ABC Updates

10 October 2021

1/ Rocket Lab


2/ Will NZ Learn Lessons From Afghanistan War Loss?


3/ ANZUS Turns 70. NZ Not Invited To Party


4/ Hawkish AUKUS Not For NZ


5/ New Counter-Terror Bill Becomes Law


ABC Submission on Counter-Terrorism Bill


6/ NZ Soldier With Far Right Links First Kiwi To Be Charged With Espionage


7/ Select Committee Review Of 2019 Local Body Elections Recommends More Resources For Spies To Counter "Foreign Interference"


Recommendation 4 and 5

We recommend that the Government align local authority elections with the legislation and regulations that apply to general elections regardingforeign donations and disclosures.

We recommend that the Government consider increasing the intelligence agencies’ resources so that they are able to provide greater support to the local government sector.


Murray Horton

Anti-Bases Campaign
Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand