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“Islands Of The Empire”, by Vanguard Films, was the definitive documentary on all aspects of the NZ/US political and military relationship. (PDF 693KB)

It was filmed at that critical historical point in the mid-1980s just before when, as a result of the massive peace movement and a change of Government, NZ went nuclear free and got kicked out of ANZUS. Both of those are still current today. Those featured in the original film include the late Owen Wilkes, Tim Shadbolt, Maire Leadbeater, Murray Horton, and footage of the political leaders of the time, such as Prime Ministers Rob Muldoon and David Lange.

Because that film existed on video only, it has not been able to be widely viewed for a long time. Over the past couple of years, Vanguard Films has digitalised it, put it onto DVDs, and added an extensive number of right up to date Bonus Features.

Those interviewed (in 2019) for the DVD are: Nicky Hager, Keith Locke, Maire Leadbeater and Murray Horton. Spoiler alert: the interviews demonstrate that precious little has changed in the NZ/US relationship in the nearly 40 years since “Islands” was originally made.

The updated film had its one and only cinema screening before a capacity crowd in Christchurch on July 20 (the original film also had its premiere in Christchurch in 1985). No other cinema screenings are planned. Click the link above for details on how to buy the DVD.

DVD Trailer:

ABC leaflet to download. New Zealand Should Not Follow Donald Trump. (PDF 6701KB)

This leaflet is written for the general public and ABC wants to to see it distributed far and wide. You can order hard copies from us at Or you can download it yourself from here and print your own copies. It has two folds and looks best on glossy paper (but that is not essential)

Murray Horton's 2014 CAFCA/ABC speaking tour speech

GCSB Meeting Speech in Christchurch (PDF 82KB)

GCSB Leaflet to download (PDF 478KB)