News Updates

1/ Waihopai Base Keeps On Spying, 2/ Five Eyes, 3/ Rocket Lab, 4/ SIS, 5/ NZ Soldiers Set Alight By Molotov Cocktail In Riot Training, 6/ Secretive Court Martial For NZ Soldier Accused Of Spying, 7/ Gordon Campbell On Obscure Bill Eroding Justice, 8/ It's All On In Pacific Geopolitics, 9/ NZ Military, 10/ NZ & Ukraine War
5 April 2022

Waihopai Domebuster Adi Leason Lost His Family Home To Fire. Rebuilding Fundraising Appeal
5 March 2022

Heads Up On Legislation Being Slipped Through Parliament That Is Likely To Further Expand Surveillance Powers
18 February 2022

1/ Rocket Lab, A US Company, Expands In US; 2/ NZ Via Rocket Lab Joins Push To Mine Moon; 3/ Five Eyes; 4/ SIS; 5/ NZ's National Security Priorities: Containing China; 6/ Old Colonial Powers Back On Scene In "Indo-Pacific"; 7/ NZ Wants To Ride On AUKUS Coat Tails; 8/ RNZAF's Expensive New Poseidon Planes Conspicuous By Absence From Tonga
10 February 2022

"Stuff: Waihopai Protest Cancelled As NZ Moves Into Red
24 January 2022

1/ Waihopai Domes Going, Spying Continues 2/ Waihopai Protest: Jan 29 3/ GCSB Gets Five Eyes Data Without Warrants 4/ Rocket Lab Resumes US Satellite Launches 5/ SAS And Democratic Oversight 6/ NZ Could Join AUKUS 7/ Gunboat Diplomacy
23 November 2021

Disappointment With Waihopai Article On "Stuff" Today
13 November 2021

1/ Rocket Lab; 2/ Will NZ Learn Lessons From Afghanistan?; 3/ ANZUS Turns 70. NZ Not Invited To Party; 4/ Hawkish AUKUS Not For NZ; 5/ New Counter-Terror Bill Becomes Law; 6/ NZ Soldier With Far Right Links Charged With Espionage; 7/ Local Body Elections Review Recommends More Resources To Counter "Foreign Interference"
10 October 2021

'Webinar: Keep Space For Peace: Rocket Lab Drags NZ Into US Wars
12 September 2021

'STOP Militarisation of Space' Rocket Lab HQ Protest Event Auckland 21 June '21 (Video)
19 August 2021

1/ Rocket Lab, 2/ Jacinda Ardern Aligns NZ's Foreign Policy With US, 3/ Military Spend-up Postponed, 4/ SIS CCTV Use: "Unresolved Questions" Over Legality, 5/ SIS Missed Far Right Threat, 6/ Worst Case Terror Attack Risk Very High, 7/ MFAT Ignored Advice Weapons Systems Could Be Used In War-Torn Yemen
4 August 2021

NZ Navy To Join UK Flotilla/Five Eyes Pushback/Spies
19 May 2021

1/ Rocket Lab - Excellent "North & South" Feature 2/ Other Rocket Lab Coverage
26 April 2021

1/ US B-52 Bomber Fly Over Wairarapa 2/ Rocket Lab To Launch US Military Satellite 3/ NZ To End 20 Years In Afghanistan 4/ MFA Approved Military Gear To Saudis 5/ Air NZ Working For Eight Foreign Navies 6/ NZ Defence New Protocols For Killing Civilians 7/ GCSB Admits Didn't Spy On Far Right Because Five Eyes Not Interested
22 February 2021

The Urgent Need For Response To The Royal Commission Report On The Christchurch Mosques' Shootings
10 February 2021

Rocket Lab's Newest Director: CIA, Laser Weapons, Space Militarisation
25 September 2020

New Video On Menwith Hill. NSA's Largest Overseas Spying Base
15 September 2020

New Video On US Warfighting & Spy Base At Pine Gap
17 June 2020

Rocket Lab Partnering With Trump's Space Force At Its US Launch Site - Radio NZ Podcast On NZ's Spies - What's That Antenna At Waihopai That Looks Like A Toenail Clipping?
17 June 2020

Warbirds Over Wanaka 2020 Cancelled, So No USAF B-52 Bomber Visit - RIMPAC 2020 War Exercise - GCSB Given $220m In 2020 Budget - New Zealand's Military Spending - New Inspector-General Of Intelligence and Security Apppointed - New Zealand’s Role In US Middle East Military Base
6 June 2020

Media Coverage 2020 Waihopai Protest - Rocket Lab Update - NZ Involved In America's War In Space - NZ's Hidden Presence At US Middle East Base Qatar - Lid Lifted On GCSB in Afghanistan War - ABC's Submission Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill
14 February 2020

Rocket Lab interview with Murray Horton - 2020 Waihopai Spy Base Protest - GCSB/SIS and the CIA's torture programme
15 September 2019

Time To Recognise Rocket Lab For What It Is - An American-Owned Facility For The US Military & Spies On The Mahia Peninsula
11 July 2019

Trump in Auckland 2021 - Choudry Break-in - Weapons Expo In Doubt - Security Services Spend Up 27% - Australia's Police Raids - Afghanistan Inquiry Update - NZ Out Of Iraq - Latest Peace Researcher
26 June 2019

Military Spending - Afghanistan War Crimes - Rocket Lab Risks NZ Nuclear Free Status - SAS Soldier Killed - Air NZ Services US Navy Warships - B52 At Wairarapa
21 June 2019

Assange - B52 At Wairarapa - Rocket Lab - Intelligence Looks Wrong Way - Royal Commission Opportunity
16 April 2019