Help Support the CAFCA/ABC Organiser

Murray Horton has been the CAFCA/ABC Organiser since 1991. He is the only paid worker for either group.

For ABC, his work ranges from everything involved in being secretary to doing media interviews,
from organising the regular protests at the Waihopai spybase, to editing Peace Researcher.

His income comes from the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account, which is solely dedicated to that purpose. There are a number of regular pledgers, and donations are vital.

Donations can be sent to Box 2258, Christchurch, cheques payable to the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account.

Pledges can be direct credited to that Account at: Westpac, Sydenham Branch, Christchurch. Account number: 030866-0300063-00.


Help pay the Organiser an living wage